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Healthcare Panel & Networking…

Veterans have spent the first part of their careers helping keep their country safe, so as they make the transition to the private sector, security jobs are a natural choice. Jobs are available both in the private sector and the public sector. Healthcare professionals can work in the Treasury Department, for security companies, for federal authorities, and across many other organizations. If you have a college diploma and experience in the healthcare field, then you have an advantage. The opportunities for employment and salaries are great in this field. Specific salary amounts, however, will depend on job experience, job position, and a variety of other factors. Start your career in the Healthcare Industry: Visit My Next Move for Veterans in Healthcare and check out the career specifications. Sign up to attend Monthly Musters. [cs_button button_title="Register here" button_link="" button_border="yes" border_button_color="#424242" button_bg_color="#bfbfbf" button_size="btn-lg" ="null" button_icon_position="left" button_type="rounded" button_target="_self"]

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