Doris Galarreta

  • Member Since,January 10, 2017
  • Experience 11 - 15 Years
  • Age 33 - 37 Years
  • Current Salary($) 50K - 60K
  • Expected Salary($) 45K - 50K
  • Languages Spanish, English
  • Education Levels Associate Degree
  • Military Service Navy

Experienced individual seeking a position as a Supply Logistician in San Diego; which can utilize
my exceptional knowledge concerning logistics strategies and government regulations. Logistic
Specialist/Analyst professional, committed to high level of work standards, with experience as a
Logistics Support Representative, Supply Systems Analyst and in depth knowledge of the
Government Purchasing Program. Proven leader, works equally well alone or in a group
setting. Currently hold Security Clearance for over 13 years.


  • Bachelor of Arts: Government with an Emphasis in State and Local Public Policy
    2015 - 2017 GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY - Phoenix, AZ

  • Associate of Arts: General Studies
    2006 - 2009 Columbia College - Columbia, MO

Work Experience

  • 09-06-2010 - Present
    Logistics Specialist Petty Officer

    Responsible for the receipt, stowage, issue, and inventory of excess stock material in support of 73 SWRMC production shops. Responsible for the up-keep of 170 OMS line items valued at $1.4M. Transferred 111 excess repair parts to Material Turn-In to Supply Defense Reutilization Material Office, and Real Time Reutilization Asset Management valued at $417K. Reduced command excess carried material on hand from $11.7M to $1.4M while maintaining 100% validity; meanwhile mentoring personnel. As Supervisor led personnel in the posting of over 12K requisitions. Within the Expediting and MOV team processed over 60 requests valued over $16K and produced over 200 daily weekly reports. As a Credit Card Buyer purchased various requests over $8K a month alone. Utilized automated supply systems (such as Advanced Industrial Management for Regional Maintenance Center (AIM4RMC)) to receive, review, screen, and execute a large volume of high priority and constrained lead time Job Material Listings (JMLs). Purchased over 468 items and services valued at $218,989. Expedited and processed over 30 requests off of the MOV report valued at $23K in support of 81 Southwest Regional Maintenance Center Production Shops. Revamped and maintained financial records in accordance with the Government Commercial Purchase Card Program with zero discrepancies; familiar with use of Advanced Industrial Management for Regional Maintenance Center (AIM4RMC)) meanwhile contributing a 98% job completion rate throughout 81 SWRMC Production Shops. Responsible for assessment of ship maintenance systems in support of Total Ships Readiness Assessment (TSRA) and Ballistic Missile Defense Readiness (BMDRA). Researched and processed 4,166 material requirements through Real-time Reutilization Asset Management (RRAM) in support of eight (TSRA); saving the NAVY more than $50,000 of OPTAR. Completed the transfer, inventory, storage of 25,784 line items valued at $6.8M for CNSF\'s Mine Hunter Ships harvesting project ensuring 100% efficiency and accountability. Provided assistance with the transfer of deliverables for install upgrades during ships maintenance phase. As a Logistics Support Representative managed the supervision of 13 plus personnel to include the delivering and loading of food provisions to U.S Naval Ships from 5 Vendors, coordinated government transportation for 5 U.S Naval Ships, arranged crane services, assists with MILSTRIP parts ordering, material manifesting and delivery of GSK, Hazmat, Medical, CASREPS, material turn-ins. Arranged husbanding services for pier movements, and pier services. Monitored public works services including brows, vehicles, fuel, and trash removal. I assist in determination of significant patterns or problems, and pass on to higher management in form of memos or reports. Served as a Supply Systems Analyst, provided technical advice and guidance to the Fleet and other activities concerning distribution and storage operations and related operational functions. Assisted in resolving problems for locating, releasing and tracking urgent high priority material for fleet and shore customers. At the Global Distance Support Center, as a Customer Service Representative was a customer advocate and recognized specialist in supply logistics programs management and operations; providing customer support for the acquisition of supplies and materials.