Demetrius West

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  • Experience 16 - 20 Years
  • Age 33 - 37 Years
  • Languages English
  • Education Levels Bachelor Degree
  • Military Service Army
  • Highest Rank E-4
  • MOS/NEC 11B, 88M, 68W
  • Security Clearance None
  • REBOOT Alumni No
  • Myers–Briggs Type ENTJ
After recently graduating from Ashford University where I received my second BA in Cultural Anthropology, I have decided that I am ready to start searching for a career. One that I can continue to learn and grow in a field I enjoy with a organization that I enjoy working with. I have worked in multiple fields from construction and remodeling to behavior therapy and education and, after serving in the US Army for almost 9 years, I want to find a place I can apply that same time and dedication. I have worked hard to get to where I am today and I want to be able to apply the multiple skills and education that I have acquired over the years to become a part of something I can be happy doing for many years to come. I would love to work in an industry that is hands on, where I can apply my skills and love for research. I have been looking into occupational areas such as archaeology and cultural resource management. I am also interested in social research, community work, and nonprofit organizations such as museums and heritage centers. I would like to have the opportunity to move up in my career as well but am willing to start in a lower position if necessary. I believe that a good leader is someone who knows and can relate to those they lead and the best way to do so is to spend some time in their position and doing what they do.


  • Cultural Anthropology
    2019 - 2020 Ashford University

    Studied a variety of topics to include archaeology, evolution, religion, linguistics, global cultures, and ethnography through the use of both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Researched the impact of technology, current world events, and different aspects of modern culture on the current global climate.

  • Healthcare/Business Administration and Management
    2011 - 2015 University of Phoenix

    Studied strategic planning, operation finance, communication, and decision making as an individual and as a part of a team. Studied social, political, ethical, legal, and economic factors that work into organizational system from both the administrative and managerial perspective.

  • OSHA 10 Hour Safety
    2018 - 2018 Veterans Transition Support

    Trained to identify the the safety and health hazards common in different workplace environments. Trained to indentify, avoid, control, and prevent hazards and safety issues in the workplace. Learned the dangers of different workplace safety and health hazards to include fire prevention, electrical hazards, chemicals, and heights while learning to understand the importance of Personal Protective Equipment and attention to detail.  

  • Registered Behavior Technician
    2014 - 2014 Behavior Analyst Certification Board

    Provided the implementation of behavior analytic services both in home and in the school settings, for children of multiple ages both one on one and in groups. Taught language and communication skills, social skills, daily living and adaptive skills, academic and pre-academic skills while recording and analyzing data. Helped to reduce and avoid behaviors while analyzing and understanding the motivational operations behind them.

Work Experience

  • 22-08-2019 - Present
    Archaeological Intern/Volunteer

    Assist with preparation of official archaeological site record forms including site and location maps.

    Assist in the preparation of technical reports to satisfy state requirements and professional standards, cataloging, data entry, data processing (including digital / GIS data).

    Assist with preparation, use, and storage of archaeological data.

    Assist with processing (cleaning and sorting), identifying, and cataloging recovered prehistoric and historic artifacts and site constituents.

    Data entry of artifact information into catalog database and preparation of artifacts and associated records for curation.

    Archaeological monitoring, survey, site recordation, testing, and/or unit excavation.

    Trained in CEQA/Environmental Review, Native American Consultation, Archaeological Reports, Equipment care and maintenance, GPS & GIS (Part I and Part II), Plan reading (Architectural/Engineering plans), Map reading, Artifact Illustration, Artifacts: precontact/Native American, Artifacts: historic, Soil profile drawings, Site Record Forms, Site indicators, Shell midden sorting/speciation.

  • 01-03-2012 - 06-03-2017
    General Contractor

    Responsible for custom remodeling for residential homes to include tile and hardwood flooring, cabinetry, kitchen and bathroom remodeling and installation. Drywall, paint, small electrical, and maintenance type repairs. Yard maintenance and custom landscaping, brick and paver work, teak furniture and deck renovation, power washing, and related indoor and outdoor maintenance and household repairs. Maintained a clean work environment in full compliance with company, customer, and government standards and regulations. Capable of storing and disposing of hazardous materials safely. Established deadlines, followed defined installation procedures for all equipment according to company instructions/policy, and manufacturer installation instructions. Observed all safety rules and adhered to industry safety practices so that there was no injury to personnel, property and/or equipment while providing services using a variety of tools and equipment. Compliant with all OSHA safety policies and procedures adhering to industry safety practices, procedures, rules, and regulations to maintain a safe and clean work environment.

  • 04-04-2016 - 10-08-2018
    Behavior Therapist

    Conduct 1:1 therapy in the home setting with clients diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disorders on academic and essential skills for everyday function.Utilize a variety of speech and language therapies to improve verbal and communication skills.Utilize various speech and language therapies combined with behavior management techniques to help clients develop social and life skills.Track data and update records on a weekly basis to facilitate visual analysis of clients. Work with a team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts to help create Individual Treatment Plans. 

  • 10-03-2016 - 21-07-2017
    Instructional Assistant / Behavior Interventionist

    Provide 1:1 and small group Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to designated students in a variety of educational settings including the home, community, and classroom.

    Confer with supervisors, teachers, and specialists to coordinate instructional efforts, implement Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and create daily behavioral learning activities.

    Work with individual students in a variety of ares based on individual needs such as joint attention, generalization, emotional regulation, functional skills, communication and language development skills, self-help, visual perception, and academics including appropriate prompts to build independence.

  • 06-10-2014 - 25-03-2016
    Registered Behavior Technician

    Provide 1:1 behavioral-based instruction in home, at school, and in community settings to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

    Assist them in developing necessary skills to integrate into school and community settings and record their progress toward behavior goals and objectives.

    Under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), implemented behavior reduction, modification programs using a wide variety of ABA strategies and tools.

  • 25-08-2014 - 12-06-2015
    In-home Tutor

    In-home tutor for grades K-6th grade in English and Math for children in underserved communities, and with learning disabilities.

    Followed a set program to access the students educational level. Tutored and tested the student for completion of the program with the use of a laptop and learning games and written material.

  • 11-02-2008 - 18-02-2011
    Hardwood Floor Contractor

    Responsible for installing, sanding, and finishing natural and engineered hardwood flooring. Used hand tools and powered equipment such as scrapers, edgers, and drum sanders to flatten and smooth the floors.

    Used tools such as tape measure, speed square, miter saw, jig saw, trowel, adhesives, and power nailer to install flooring materials.

    Prepared job sites by masking and covering specific areas with plastic and masking tape. Removed furniture and carpets, scrapped, and prepared concrete and plywood floors for installation.

    Sealed and coated floors with stains and requested finishing products. Replaces baseboard and door trim to complete jobs. Repaired dents and scratches, replaced boards, and fixed other imperfections in floors and other wood items.  

  • 10-10-2008 - 24-11-2014
    US Infantry / Motor Transport Operator

    Served as a light infantryman with the 101st Airborne from 2001 to 2003.

    Advanced first aid, mobile equipment preventative maintenance, and mechanical equipment and system installation and repair. Inventory management and distribution. Equipment maintenance and utilization, safety inspections. Cargo and personal loading, handling, and shipping.

    Equipment and personal security and safety management. In charge of transporting personal, equipment, and supplies over multiple types of terrain safely and securely.

    Coordinate meetings, plan, and utilize resources to accomplish missions with time and safety being the main priority. Protect personal and equipment in a hostile environment and under threat of harm. Communicate with multiple entities to complete tasks both military and civilian, foreign and domestic.

Professional Skills

Interpersonal Communication
Hand and Power Tools
Self Motivated
Computers / Data Entry
Problem Solving/Critical Thinking
Data Analysis/Interpretation


  • 2019
    Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society

  • 2019
    SALUTE Honor Society

  • 2020
    National Society for Leadership and Success